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EP-0130301-A3: Device for displaying alphanumeric and graphics characters patent, EP-0130390-A3: Valve bag patent, EP-0131933-A3: Color diffusion transfer photographic element patent, EP-0137436-A3: Composition d'hygiene orale patent, EP-0140115-A3: Connecteur avec bague et manchon fileté patent, EP-0140393-A3: Dispositif de levage patent, EP-0142756-A3: Methyl-Piperazin-Derivate mit analgetischer Wirkung, Verfahren zu deren Herstellung und diese enthaltende therapeutische Verbindungen patent, EP-0157099-A3: Circuit arrangement for monitoring the presence of railway vehicles in predetermined section blocks patent, EP-0158239-A3: Process for the recovery of pentenoic c1-c4-alkylesters patent, EP-0171016-A3: Cyclic ethers alpha-substituted by an isocyanide dichloride group, and method for their preparation patent, EP-0171202-A3: Thermal imager patent, EP-0173241-A3: Vaccines for the treatment of urinary tract infections patent, EP-0173929-A3: Verformbare Dichtung des Spaltes zwischen dem Rand einer Gebäudeöffnung und dem Heck eines Fahrzeuges patent, EP-0176842-A3: Cursor for electromagnetic digitizer and process for making the same patent, EP-0184737-A3: Semiconductor memory device having error detection/correction function patent, EP-0184834-A3: Switching device patent, EP-0188327-A3: Top-gripping article carrier patent, EP-0192321-A3: Compositions pharmaceutiques avec enrobage entérique contenant des allergènes patent, EP-0194445-A3: Auto tracking apparatus for video tape recorder patent, EP-0203257-A3: Method and apparatus for positioning and transferring stator coil leads patent, EP-0209041-A3: Method of purifying factor viii:c patent, EP-0214860-A3: Acceleration valve and motionless mixer patent, EP-0217411-A3: Apparatus for controlling electric vehicle using induction motor patent, EP-0225292-A3: Certains dérivés de butyramide N-substitués patent, EP-0226116-A3: Flame-retardant resin patent, EP-0229015-A3: Window or door wing with inserts patent, EP-0240256-A3: Compounds useful in treating sickle cell anemia patent, EP-0240301-A3: Sauerstoff-Desorption für Polyester mit verbesserter Farbe patent, EP-0250201-A3: Photographic silver halide element and process patent, EP-0251728-A3: Carboalkoxylation of butadiene to form dialkyl adipate patent, EP-0252901-A3: Fire protection covering for steel girders of steel constructions patent, EP-0254392-A3: Stabilisatoren für halogenhaltige Polymere patent, EP-0256727-A3: Vorrichtung zur Perforierung eines Futterrohres patent, EP-0258908-A3: Ultrafine grain fluorescent body patent, EP-0263995-A3: Method for filling a dispenser with pasty products and dispenser for pasty products patent, EP-0275081-A3: Copolymers of vinyl alcohol and acrylates patent, EP-0289790-A3: Cutting-out machine patent, EP-0294974-A3: Tempering accelerator and use thereof patent, EP-0303380-A3: Crystalline l-carnosine zinc complex and production thereof patent, EP-0304923-A3: Output processing circuit for radio frequency receiver patent, EP-0312374-A3: Highly aromatic polyurea/urethane membranes and their use for separating aromatics from non-aromatics patent, EP-0314473-A3: Optical storage devices patent, EP-0314899-A3: Method and apparatus for introducing a winding into the inductor of a linear motor patent, EP-0317492-A3: Substituted dicarboxylic acids-bis(3,5-dicarbamoyl-2,4,6-triiodo-anilides), process for their preparation and x-ray contrast agents containing them patent, EP-0321905-A3: Mechanism for locating a flexible photoconductor relative to a plurality of development stations patent, EP-0327935-A3: Apparatus for disinfecting spaces and floor coverings patent, EP-0334042-A3: Modified diene polymer rubbers patent, EP-0336061-A3: Container patent, EP-0339943-A3: Automatic weight sorting machine patent, EP-0341596-A3: Peintures d'électrodéposition déposables à la cathode patent, EP-0341697-A3: Process for producing polyacetylene patent, EP-0343444-A3: Cosmetic composition containing retinyl palmitate patent, EP-0344735-A3: Non-linear optical material patent, EP-0348939-A3: Method of orienting liquid crystal optical device and apparatus usable for the method patent, EP-0351149-A3: Verfahren zur Dichtung von Kabelbündeln in Längsrichtung patent, EP-0359254-A3: Method of back-tracking in computer processing patent, EP-0365345-A3: A corona wire cleaning device for a corona unit patent, EP-0367651-A3: Papier détachable, tel que papier peint ou affiche, et procédé de fabrication patent, EP-0372967-A3: Procédé pour empêcher la formation de dépôts de polymères patent, EP-0376279-A3: Dérivés de guanidine, leur préparation et insecticides patent, EP-0395174-A3: Dérivés du thiazole patent, EP-0396125-A3: Forward conventer patent, EP-0411557-A3: Photometric method and device for the analysis of samples treated with fluorescent reagents patent, EP-0435162-A3: Process for the selective dehydrohalogenation of an admixture of alkylhalides patent, EP-0435494-A3: Multicomponent binders for sic powders patent, EP-0438139-A3: Color cathode ray tube patent, EP-0440258-A3: Heat exchange reforming process and reactor system patent, EP-0441499-A3: Electronic brush generation patent, EP-0451622-A3: Television receiver with an additional character generator patent, EP-0454001-A3: Switched mode vertical deflection system and control circuit patent, EP-0466190-A3: Quantizing error reducer for audio signal patent, EP-0466368-A3: A fluid dispenser patent, EP-0469484-A3: Electrophotographic developer patent, EP-0479058-A3: Transponder for a remote identification system patent, EP-0488422-A3: Multi-colored electrophoresis pattern reading apparatus patent, EP-0490639-A3: Switching power source patent, EP-0498674-A3: Moving picture image encoder patent, EP-0511558-A3: Process for the resolution of racemates and associates of diastereoisomers patent, EP-0533045-A3: Device for sliding mechanically resilient sealing plugs on electrical cables patent, EP-0545294-A3: Device for rotatably supporting a cable drum patent, EP-0545674-A3: Modified xanthan gum and method for modifying xanthan gum patent, EP-0546591-A3: patent, EP-0553973-A3: Computer graphics display method and system with shadow generation patent, EP-0578472-A3: A process for recovering peptides expressed as fusion proteins. patent, EP-0598336-A3: Electrical connector for connecting printed circuit boards. patent, EP-0601498-A3: Method for transmission of plesiochronous signals in a synchronous data network. patent, EP-0662768-A3: Method and apparatus for providing slow motion video at normal motion play speed. patent, EP-0672364-A3: Chaussure de ski. patent, EP-0691243-A3: A triangle for the road indication of a stationary vehicle patent, EP-0703358-A3: patent, EP-0724278-A3: Elektronisches Bauelement betätigt durch Drehbewegung, mit Druckschalter patent, EP-0732761-A3: Electrodes pour piles secondaires, leur procédé de production, et piles secondaires contenant ces électrodes patent, EP-0733576-A3: Appareil à bobiner en ligne à grande vitesse à deux têtes patent, EP-0734764-A3: Katalysator und Verfahren zur Herstellung von Oxiranverbindung patent, EP-0738675-A3: Lagerung mittels mobiler Wagen mit geneigtem Chassis patent, EP-0757187-A3: Patin à glissement pour palier lisse patent, EP-0768058-A3: Haushaltsreinigungsmaschine patent, EP-0773550-A3: Semiconductor memory device with reduced leakage current and improved data retention patent, EP-0787614-A3: Refuelling arrangement allowing refuelling by robot patent, EP-0788927-A3: Apparatus and system for providing an alert signal indicative of deceleration of a vehicle patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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